H&D Precision
Industry: Communications, transport, tools
Location: The Netherlands

"CimatronE has all we need for the whole process in one software solution. You can find good CAD and good CAM solutions, and they work fine as long as you use them separately. CimatronE lets you switch from one environment to the other, providing you the tools you need at the right stage of the process."

The Challenge
Refining H&D's manufacturing process to accommodate a growing business, and to win more jobs in a competitive environment

The Solutions
CimatronE's master solution, including MoldDesign and NC, and with add-ons such as QuickElectrode, QuickSplit and QuickCompare

The Results
- 50% reduction in programming time
- 60% reduction in total production time
- Ability to manufacture more complex molds wins H&D more jobs
- 30% projected increase in output for current year

| At a glance

Dedicated to the design and manufacture of molds for the plastics industry, H&D Precision has become one of the most respected moldmakers in The Netherlands since it was founded in 1965.

When H&D set out to refine their manufacturing processes by investing in new CAD/CAM software, it had no idea what improvements lay ahead. In just a few short weeks, however, H&D realized significant gains in programming speed, reduction in manufacturing time, and accuracy well above expected rates.

Challenge: Keeping up in a competitive business environment

As H&D experienced rapid growth, it needed to update its software to complement its market-proven expertise and increasingly sophisticated machinery.

H&D faces pressure to create more complex molds for demanding, industry-leading companies such as Heineken, Motorola, Nokia and Philips. Like most toolmakers, H&D operates in a very competitive environment, where time-to-delivery is crucial, and the race to acquire new customers and jobs is intense.

Solution: Increasingly complex demands require better, more sophisticated solutions

H&D is a long-time Cimatron customer, so it was already familiar with the capabilities of CimatronE’s modeling, drafting, 3-Axis milling, 4-Axis wire EDM, QuickSplit and QuickCompare applications.

Recently, the need for continual improvement of process control led the company to upgrade the system with CimatronE MoldDesign and QuickElectrode. As it turns out, even a loyal Cimatron customer could be surprised by the tremendous benefits still to be gained with CimatronE’s integrative solution and best-in-class mold and electrode design capabilities.
Results: A complete solution for toolmakers – from quoting to delivery

H&D now uses CimatronE for the entire moldmaking process, from generating quotes to manufacturing and assembling molds.

“Before, programming time took twice as long. CimatronE eliminated hours of manual programming, reducing production time by up to 60%,” comments Ad Prins, H&D Managing Director. “CimatronE has a very strong NC engine, especially its HSM tools. And it’s easy to learn – takes less time than any other 3D software. Today, when I quote on jobs, I have every confidence that we can program the parts quickly.”

Integrative solution enhances process control

With CimatronE providing a full solution at every stage of design and manufacturing, H&D has been able to streamline the process and improve output.

“We now have better control of the design and the quality we provide our customers. CimatronE’s integrative CAD/CAM solution enables us to react quickly, be flexible and accurate, and begin our mold manufacturing at an early stage,” says Prins.

Change management translates into competitive advantage

Because CimatronE is fully associative, change management is no longer a bottleneck. A change applied at any stage is automatically translated and updated in every other module. This not only saves time delivering the mold, it gives a “head-start” advantage over competitors. States Prins, “Clearly, this is how to continue winning big jobs. We’ve been using CimatronE solutions for a long time, and this is how CimatronE helps us get the job done, and done well!”

With the ability to compete in terms of delivery time and complexity, H&D has won key new customers such as Black & Decker and Makita.

The bottom line

In the competitive moldmaking market, cutting time-to-delivery is crucial. H&D projects that it will increase output by 30% in 2005. Implementing CimatronE as a total solution will enable H&D to continue realizing its aggressive growth strategy and uphold its position in local and international markets.