5-Axis Milling for Discrete Part Manufacturing

CimatronE's powerful and versatile 5-Axis package combines a rich set of machining strategies with strong, industry-based optimization, and is designed to work effectively for parts from a wide range of industries, such as aerospace, automobile, civil engineering, electronics, medical, and defense. Most importantly, it offers reliable simulations and post processors for any machine, ensuring that you can machine with confidence.

| Main capabilities

Optimal Simultaneous Milling
CimatronE generates safe and smooth tool motions by checking the trajectory of the tool, shank, and multi stage holder against the part, fixtures, machine, and the real-time stock, enabling you to machine any part with confidence.

  Machining Strategies
CimatronE includes a wealth of machining strategies for 5-Axis simultaneous milling and supports a full range of cutters to give you total flexibility and choice when machining any part.
  Industry-Based Optimization
CimatronE is an effective 5-Axis CAM system for any industry, including the aerospace, automobile, civil engineering, electronics and defense industries, as well as dental and medical sectors. In order to cater to these industries more effectively, CimatronE’s 5-Axis production capabilities include dedicated applications for specific industries.
| Benefits
  • Reduce machining time with only one setup required
  • Increase surface quality
  • Experience safe machining
  • Utilize a simpler programming process