Programming Automation

CimatronE - Programming AutomationCimatronE shortens overall machining and programming times.
A collection of features, capabilities and utilities enable the NC programmer to optimize the system to their work flow and to re-use work from previous projects.



| How does it work?
  • Work in an orderly, straightforward manner with a user-friendly interface and NC process manager.
  • Prepare the part for manufacturing using CimatronE’s full hybrid CAD system, which is part of the NC environment.
  • Organize cutters by building a cutter library or easily access a cutter you have defined as part of a previous project.
  • Preview procedures before they are calculated with visualization of the remaining stock compared with the part, and optimize parameters accordingly.
  • Create templates or sequences in order to reuse programming from one machining operation in the same project or in a totally different project. Templates and sequences can also help you standardize machining in your tool shop.
  • Transform and copy any existing toolpaths at any orientation, if necessary. Sort and optimize machining to minimize tool changes and machining time, streamlining milling of multi-cavity molds.
  • Send any procedure to any 3-5 Axis machine, with total setup flexibility.
  • Generate a fully customized NC setup report which includes all the important information the shop floor needs.
  • Adapt to geometry changes effectively: Clearly display the changes, analyze their impact on your NC process, and adapt the toolpath accordingly.
| Benefits
  • Achieve faster programming and machining of tools
  • Standardize techniques across the company