Micro Milling

CimatronE MicromillingCimatron leveraged two decades of NC expertise, cooperation with leading manufacturers, international academic institutions and leading machine and tool vendors to pioneer the first solution for "micro" milling. The solution enables efficient milling of jobs using very small tools and working at very tight tolerances in order to achieve an extremely high level of accuracy. The solution also allows users to perform high speed milling and work on any 3-5 Axis machine.

| How does it work?
  • Work safely with miniature tools (with diameters smaller than 0.1 mm), maintaining a constant tool load to prevent breakage.
  • Achieve super finish surface quality with very tight tolerances (as small as 0.1 microns) utilizing built-in toolpath optimization.
  • Create safe and highly efficient toolpaths with recognition of actual remaining “micro stock” and considering the shank and the holder.
  • Machine very narrow ribs ensuring workpiece stability and a high surface quality by performing rough and finish simultaneously.
  • Achieve the highest feed rate possible by allowing the system to round all toolpaths, eliminating sudden changes in directions and minimizing machine jerks by achieving large rounding radiuses with tiny step-overs.
  • Minimize scallop size by applying clean between passes motions and zero-overlap-trochoidal machining.
  • Follow the natural curves of the part, covering the entire machined area in an uninterrupted tool motion to achieve the highest possible surface finish.
  • Machine complex parts with short robust micro-tools using full 5-Axis capabilities in the micro milling environment.
| Benefits
  • Obtain superior surface quality and tight machining tolerance
  • Machine high quality miniature parts and molds quickly and safely
  • Reduce machining time and tool wear using high speed milling and dedicated machining strategies