High Speed Machining (HSM/HFM)

CimatronE - HSMCimatronE can optimize any procedure for High Speed Machining. HSM optimization allows you to reach and maintain very high spindle speeds and feed rates by producing a toolpath that is smooth and rounded throughout, no matter the topology of the part. Optimized HSM toolpaths enable extremely efficient roughing and superior surface finish at rapid speeds, all while prolonging tool and machine life.

| How does it work?
  • Achieve the highest feed rate possible by allowing the system to round all toolpaths, eliminating sudden changes in directions and minimizing machine jerks.
  • Automatically adapt the toolpath to ensure that rounding does not result in unmachined areas or large scallops, even when cutting in sharp corners. Where necessary, the system automatically applies clean between passes motions and trochoidal machining.
  • Maximize material removal with large sidestep roughing without leaving unmachined areas even when cutting with rounded motions in corners.
  • Minimize scallop size in parts with a complex 3D topology, using an automatic mechanism that varies machining based on vertical or horizontal incline and/or maintains a fixed 3D distance between passes.
  • Prevent witness marks and scratches with zero-overlap-trochoidal machining and tangential approach/retract options.
  • Increase tool life by maintaining a constant chip-load and by matching the plunging strategy to the tool in use.
| Benefits
  • Experience fast and efficient roughing
  • Achieve a “super finish” quality in short cycle time
  • Extend your tool and machine life
  • Enjoy short, straightforward programming