5-Axis Milling for Tooling

When tool makers invest in 5-Axis machines to provide the accuracy and shorter delivery times their businesses need, choosing the right software is crucial to achieving the best possible machining results.

CimatronE is tailored to fit the tool shop NC programmer's needs, achieving optimal milling of cores and cavities, and fast multi-axis drilling and pocketing. NC programmers benefit from a simple interface with a straightforward method of setting parameters, similar to the 3-Axis programming process. Machining strategies take full advantage of 5-Axis capabilities, using shorter tools to achieve the best possible surface quality and requiring only one setup.

| Main capabilities

 CimatronE _ 5 axis Milling 5-Axis Positioning
3+2 Axis milling strategies offer the most robust option for tool making. They allow you to machine in several different directions in only one setup, ensuring accuracy and enabling you to use shorter tools for machining.
 CimatronE _ 5 axis Milling

5-Axis Simultaneous Milling
Simultaneous milling allows you to manufacture with a short tool in areas where 3+2 milling is not optimal. CimatronE provides all necessary strategies for this type of milling, including strategies developed especially for the tool maker.

 CimatronE _ 5 axis Milling Simulation and Verification
CimatronE’s selection of 2.5-5 Axis simulators and verifiers allow you to visualize machining in several different ways so that you can verify the effectiveness of the procedures you have programmed.
 CimatronE _ 5 axis Milling Post Processors
CimatronE’s post processors are field proven and developed in cooperation with local service providers, Cimatron HQ, and machine tool and controller vendors. We are committed to offering posts that work effectively with any 3-5 Axis machine and with any controller.

| Benefits
  • Reduce machining time with only one setup required
  • Increase surface quality
  • Experience safe machining
  • Utilize a simpler programming process