3+2 Axis Milling

CimatronE allows you to use a wealth of 3-Axis milling. NC programming times and machining cycle times are shortened, tool life and machine life are prolonged, and you achieve a high quality, polish-free surface finish.

| Main Capabilities

 CimatronE _ 3+2 Axis Milling

Rough and re-rough operations are easy to program, and they consider multi-directional stock, resulting in short machining times, constant chip-load toolpaths and maximal material removal.

 CimatronE _ 3+2 Axis Milling

CimatronE enables you to achieve the required surface quality easily, quickly and with optimization of toolpaths based on the part’s topology.

 CimatronE _ 3+2 Axis Milling Re-machine
CimatronE’s re-machining strategies combine a high level of automation with complete user control, recognizing all material left over by previous operations and creating optimized toolpaths to perfect your parts surface finish.
 CimatronE _ 3+2 Axis Milling Flowline machining
Sometimes, tool makers are faced with specific geometries for which they need optimal machining strategies with full user control. CimatronE provides an impressive selection of “local” machining strategies for this purpose.
 CimatronE _ 3+2 Axis Milling 3+2 Axis milling
3+2 Axis milling strategies offer the most robust option for tool making. They allow you to machine in several different directions in only one setup, ensuring accuracy and enabling you to use shorter tools for machining.

| Benefits
  • Shorten your delivery time
  • Create a more efficient toolpath
  • Achieve an optimal rough
  • Obtain a high quality surface finish