Automated Drilling

CimatronE _ ManufacturingThe drilling process can be tedious, repetitive and error prone. CimatronE allows you to reduce programming and machining time by assigning sequences (drilling templates) and by using automatic functions that recognize holes and help you find the appropriate drilling operations.



| How does it work?
  • Manage hundreds of holes with automatic recognition of stock and hole types to simplify machining and save time.
  • Drill all of the holes in a plate in one simple programming operation, supporting profiling and pocketing of holes.
  • Machine cooling channels effectively with gun drilling machines programmed by CimatronE, with an automatic mechanism to handle crossing.
  • Reduce programming time and standardize machining by creating a library of “sequences” (a machining template for drilling).
  • Consider the stock to automatically adapt drilling operations and ensure optimal and safe drilling.
  • Automatically assign the appropriate drilling sequence for each hole type with an intelligent, adaptive system that actually learns the preferred drill sequences associated with each hole type.
  • Perform efficient drilling with complete stock recognition that allows the system to recognize and automate the entry point, as well as registering remaining stock after the operation to simplify milling operations at a later stage.
  • Automatic transfer of hole properties assigned during the tool design phase – thread, accuracy and surface quality – saving time and eliminating errors.
| Benefits
  • Achieve a fast, efficient multi-axis drilling of plates
  • Standardize the machining of holes, pockets and gun-drilled holes
  • Avoid errors and mistakes
  • Shorten your programming time with high level automation