2.5 Axis Milling

CimatronE offers a full solution for 2D milling of plates as part of a complete solution for tool makers. 2.5 Axis milling strategies are simple to program and allow efficient accurate machining of plates and other components.

| How does it work?
  • Achieve efficient and accurate machining of plates with powerful pocket or profile milling options, as well as full drilling capabilities.
  • Machine an unlimited number of islands using pocket strategies.
  • Utilize flexible approach and retract options with automatic extensions and overlap in profile strategies.
  • Employ the 2D cutter compensation to enable shop floor staff to adjust machining based on the actual cutter’s dimensions.
  • Simplify milling at a later stage by working with stock recognition which logs the remaining stock after a 2.5 Axis milling operation.
| Benefits
  • Machine plates efficiently and accurately
  • Undertake all mold machining (and design) in one software