DieQuoteQuoting plays a critical role in keeping a die shop successful. Accurate estimates are essential to remaining competitive and profitable. While quoting will always require the time and effort of a highly skilled, experienced professional, technology can help estimators speed up accurate quoting.

CimatronE DieQuote, a CAD-to-cost solution, streamlines quoting for die makers, calculating cost estimates and generating professional looking quotations for every job offer in record time.

| How does it work?
  • Visualize the model, create its blank, and perform a finite element analysis to get a clear understanding of the part formability and job complexity.
  • Perform nesting to achieve a price-optimized strip layout, determining progression distance (pitch), strip width, blank location and angle, and the number of progressions.
  • Determine the necessary press using force analysis tools and estimate the cost of production.
  • Produce accurate cost estimates with the DieQuote Generator, which automatically retrieves cost-related job details from the CAD environment and uses information you’ve defined to calculate a price for quoting.
  • Print professional looking quotes for prospects, including embedded screenshots of your preliminary design.
| Benefits
  • Generate more accurate quotes with part analysis and CAD tools
  • Visualize the project and present professional looking quotes to your customer
  • Evaluate the project’s complexity and magnitude before taking the order

CimatronE provides a stand-alone solution for quoting - please contact your local service provider for more details.