Wire EDM

CimatronE Wire EDMCimatronE provides a solution for programming wire EDM machines, producing complex toolpaths quickly and efficiently. The WireEDM application is robust, flexible and easy to use. It is designed to reduce overall programming time and improve the machining capabilities of wire EDM machines. WireEDM produces up to 4-Axis toolpaths easily and quickly, using a wide range of innovative tools. It includes customized technologies for major machine manufacturers.



| How does it work?
  • Support 2-Axis and 4-Axis wire modes.
  • Handle a single contour with either constant or variable conic, automatically synchronizing upper and lower profiles while in 4-Axis mode, with a manual override option.
  • Assure optimal CNC performance with a built-in database of EDM machines, including Agie, Charmilles, Sodick, ONA, Mitsubishi, and Fanuc.
  • Define your own settings and combine multiple processes into a single template, including complete wire path simulation.
| Benefits
  • Drastically reduce work hours and time-to-delivery
  • Experience shorter geometry construction and part definition
  • Improve machining capabilities